Man With Goglet, Black Umbrella and Deep Into Gita

Prof. Purushottam Dahal
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This year marks the 12th anniversary of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, aka Kisun ji's death. Kisun ji immediately recalls the face of the man who holds a goglet under a black umbrella and chants the verses of the Gita. He wasn't a philosopher, a wealthy man, a yogi, or a saint. Kisun ji struck me as an average individual with extraordinary mental abilities.

I have known Kisun ji since around 2034 B.S. I'd like to recall some of his remarkable acts that stand out in my mind.

Kisun ji's abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes: 

In theoretical and practical terms, there were two sides in the Nepali Congress after 2040. Yet, there have been advantages and downsides since Suvarna Shumsher's armed movement in 2017. Subsequently, the character shifted. BP was still in support of an armed struggle, while Suvarna and Surya Prasad Upadhyay were in favor of reconciliation. Yet, Kisnu ji's side always stayed the same. His stance on nonviolence remained unchanged after 2026. Mahendra Narayan Nidhi was also on his side.

Kisun ji was a strong supporter of mass movements and a nonviolent approach. As a result, he was opposed to any signing, as BP, Ganeshman did in 2025, and stayed in jail for another two years. After 2033, BP also stood in the way of a nonviolent mass movement, and the Congress split philosophically. But, once BP died in 2039, the fraction was reborn. In 2040, the monarch delivered a message through Girija Prasad Koirala to find an alternative, and he began to develop one by providing a fresh commentary on national unity and reconciliation policies. But, Ganeshman ji, Kisun ji and Nidhi ji supported Satyagraha.

In 2041, the Satyagraha Code of Conduct was issued. There were numerous stipulations in it, such as satyagrahis should not consume alcohol or intoxicants, not smoke cigarettes, and so on. One of those searching for an alternative to Satyagraha exclaimed to Kisun ji in a loud voice one day during the Saturday gathering of Baneshwar Lakshmi Didi’s: You yourself consume drums of alcohol and smoke packs of cigarettes a day. And you consider preaching the moral code to others. What makes this a satyagraha?

Kisun ji was quite calm the next day at the Jamal party office. Vasu Risal and Dhruvaram Bhandari were also in attendance. I also made it. He remarked to me: Purushottam ji, from the Poush 16th, I am giving up alcohol and cigarettes. Help publicize Krishna Prasad's decision to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes.

Kisun ji's words made everyone chuckle, especially Vasu Dai. I, too, did not believe it. As he himself stated, how can he give up the alcohol he began drinking after the triumphant revolution of 2007 and the cigarette he had previously been accustomed to on the same day?

He did, however, state that the body does not eat. The body is merely a conduit. Well, I'm going to give up both of these items on December 16th until Nepal's democracy is restored. Do my tests every day if you don't trust me. He left both things from the day of Reconciliation Day on Poush 16, 2041 and probably adopted it only after the restoration of democracy. Can somebody break a 35-year-old habit in one day today? Kisnu ji however gave up easy.

Above and beyond victory and defeat:

The general election was conducted in Baisakh 2048 B.S. Kisun ji served as an interim Prime Minister. Others close to him predicted that Kisun ji would win by fifteen thousand votes, while others warned him that everyone else's bail would be forfeited. But, considering the potential of Kisun ji's defeat, I proposed seven points. I was the first member of the party's central election campaign committee at the time, but I also served as member secretary and coordinator. Nobody believed it. The enormous gathering of Congressmen who stroll with Kisun ji during the day but become active in defeating Kisun ji at night was powerful on the inside. It was thought that if Kisun ji was elected, Girija Prasad would not be able to become Prime Minister very soon. As a result, Koirala's family, close relatives, and relatives were all fostering an atmosphere conducive to Kisun ji's defeat.

The election took place. The count began, and it was evident that Kisun ji was going to lose. A senior official who was coordinating the information about the election situation arrived at home and said: It is certain that Kisun ji will lose. The brothers in security are now requesting an order to toss the box and set the stage for the next election. What should we do brother?

I attempted to reach Kisun ji. It was nine o'clock at night. So, I called Vasu Risal right away. He stated that he can only speak after discussing with Kisun ji. After a while, I received a phone call in which he told: Kisun ji has said Please thank all those well-wishers. Nonetheless, I am opposed to winning the election in this manner. If somebody makes disturbance, I will take action. I stayed in jail to support a system in which everyone can vote in the elections. It is not about winning elections and assuming power. I have already won as such a system has come.

When I informed the officer about Vasu Dai's message, he was stunned and proud of Kisun ji. I cannot emphasize how relevant this example is for anyone seeking power today.

I arrived at Baluwatar on the second day following Kisun ji's electoral setback. Kisun ji was sitting in a pleasant stance, both legs folded. Kisun ji, your defeat has affected many of us I remarked, concerned.

The moment when Kisun ji was taken aback:

Kisun ji's reaction, on the other hand, was unexpected. He said: I was likewise stunned by the loss for a second. Yet my heart told me right away that it is God's kindness upon me. I performed my job whereas the people voted less for me. Another winning applicant may have been deemed more deserving than me. I was the initial director of Radio Nepal's immensely popular show Ghatana ra Bichar. Kisun ji, if that's the case, should we broadcast your opinions? I requested my friend Krishna KC to bring the recorder as soon as he agreed. The discussion was taped and broadcasted.

There are many such incidents with Kisun ji. Not only with myself, but with many of my friends at various stages of their lives. It's worth recalling every now and again.

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