Geared Up For Holi? Here Are Some Tips

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The festival of color ‘Holi’ is a time for everyone to enjoy.  It is advisable to use organic colors, whereas sometimes we end up using colors that may contain toxic chemicals to play Holi. This can have harmful effects on hair and skin. To avoid any kind of skin emergency later, it is best to take some precautionary measures to enjoy the festival to the fullest. Here are a few hair and skin care tips to keep in mind for Holi celebrations

It is important to keep your hair and skin thoroughly oiled and moisturized. Oiling will form a protective barrier for your skin that will not let the color to penetrate the skin and later help the color to easily come out. Moreover, the oil will help to restore the skin’s natural texture and keep allergies and acne at bay. You can opt for any oil of your choice.  Do not forget the smaller areas like the earlobes, nail crevices and skin behind the ears.

While playing Holi, do not let your hair loose, tie or braid the hair to reduce the amount of hair exposed to the colors. You can also wear head bandanas to protect your locks. This will keep the hair healthy and away from the harmful effects of the chemicals present in the colors.

It is important to hydrate the body by drinking ample amount of water, which will in turn hydrate skin and scalp.

Wear clothes that cover up most of body parts like long-sleeved tees and long dresses. This will ensure protection of skin from colors while enjoying fun filled Holi.

Paint those nails with your favorite color. This will reduce color staining.

List of don’ts you should keep in mind for lesser damage.

  • Avoid any therapies like facials, bleaching, waxing, threading, peels or laser treatment, the week before.
  • Avoid being out in the sun for long durations or exfoliating treatment up to two days before.
  • Avoid shampooing your hair a day prior as it will strip away the natural oils from the hair and make it prone to the harmful effects of the colors.


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