Ukraine to mark the bitter milestone with prayers for peace amid threats of missile strikes

Evil is still around, and the battle continues: Zelensky

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Ukrainians will hold ceremonies across their war-ravaged country Friday on the first anniversary of Russia's invasion, with President Volodymyr Zelensky to assure them of victory even as they face the threat of new missile strikes. A year ago to the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin stunned the world by sending troops across the border, in a move seen as punishment for Kyiv's pivot to the West.

On Friday, Zelensky will hold a news conference to mark the bitter milestone, while commemorations will be held across the country.

One of the ceremonies will be held in the town of Bucha, which has become a byword for Russian atrocities, while priests will lead prayers for peace.

"Evil is still around, and the battle continues," Zelensky said late Thursday. "But we know for sure that it will end with our victory," he added.

Ukrainian intelligence has warned of possible new attacks from Moscow, including missile strikes.

Western nations, which have supported Kyiv financially and militarily throughout the war, were also set to commemorate the anniversary of what has become the largest conflict in Europe since World War II.

The United States and its G7 allies planned to unveil a new package of sanctions.


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