Shortage of soil for ‘capping’ at Bancharedanda

Himalaya Times
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The shortage of soil has taken toll on management of garbage at Bancharedanda landfill site. The soil shortage has resulted in 'capping' problem.

Capping is the cover of garbage. Currently, the garbage collected from 18 local levels of Kathmandu is managed at Bancharedanda.

The Kathmandu Valley's garbage is being managed there for seven months. Soil is required to cover the garbage. The garbage must not be left open, but it has been difficult to find adequate soil to top the waste.

The local forest users' committee has obstructed the supply of soil from the place designated by the Ministry of Urban Development.

Spokesperson at Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nabin Manandhar, informed that 50 tons of soil is required every day to cap the waste. It is huge amount of soil. Currently, the soil is supplied from faraway place which is not always viable, he added.

As much as 1,200 metric tonnes of waste is collected every day from the Kathmandu Valley and taken to Bancharedanda for management. Two hundred tankers carry the waste daily.


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