CIB recommends prosecution against 12 involved in T20 Spot fixing scam

Himalaya Times
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The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Nepal Police has recommended prosecuting 12 people involved in the spot fixing scam that took place during the T20 cricket league held in the capital last December.

The CIB submitted its investigation report to the Office of the District Attorney here today. The 12 people recommended for prosecution have been accused of helping to alter the results of the match, indulging in match fixing and inciting others to be involved in the illegal act. Two cricket players have been accused of aiding to change the result, according to CIB Superintendent of Police Sanjaya Singh Thapa.

The police have found following investigation that those in managerial roles of different clubs, outside individuals who came in contact with the players and the cricketers taking part in the game were involved in the fixing scam.
After the incident came to public, the police have already arrested cricketers Mehaboob Alam, Mohammad Adil Alam and Nitesh Gupta.

The franchise-club based tournament was held at the TU cricket ground in Kirtipur from December 24, 2022 to January 11, 2023. The match was organized by Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) in strategic and commercial partnership with India's Seven3 Sports Pvt. Ltd.

If found guilty of the offense of spot fixing and match fixing under the National Sports Development Act, 2077 B.S., the concerned could face imprisonment up to three years and a fine of up to Rs 50,000.

According to CIB, Mehaboob Alam, who is also a former national player, tried to spot-fix by tempting two Nepali cricketers. Mohammad Adil Alam was asked to throw a no-ball and one wide ball, which he duly followed in two games.

Likewise, a foreign player was asked by the management group of his club to be part of the spot fixing scam. Under the direction of the team manager, a foreign player scored a pre-determined amount of runs in an innings.

After alarms were raised over the likelihood of spot fixing taking place in the tournament, notably by an individual who worked as a commentator in the series, a five-member investigation committee was also formed under the leadership of the Deputy Superintendent of Police of CIB to investigate the incident.


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