Gagan Thapa questions RSP; Support should be withdrawn while quitting the govt or not?

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Himalaya Times
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General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Gagan Kumar Thapa, raised questions on National Swatantra Party’s decision to continue its support to the government.

Today, speaking at a discussion forum on politics and democratic culture held in Kathmandu, Thapa expressed dissatisfaction with the party for not withdrawing its support to the government even after quitting the government.

‘Why did the Rastriya Swatantra Party joined government despite repeatedly voicing no not again to same old leaders? And now that the Party is quitting, should the support given to the government be withdrawn or not? Or one should never question the Rastriya Swatantra Party?’

Thapa also stressed on the much needed reforms for the press, to protect country’s democracy.

On a different context, he also mentioned NC will try their best to defeat the UML presidential candidate.

General Secretary Thapa said, Congress is afraid of a possible constitutional disaster if the Presidential position is given to UML.

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