Minister Sharma sees need of State level promotion in IT sector

Himalaya Times
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Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, said the IT sector with significant contribution to economy is yet to be well protected and promoted by the State.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of ‘ INFO Developers CAN Infotech-2023’ that kicked off today, the Minister described the present time as an ‘IT era’, stating that it had significant contribution to the economic prosperity of the country.

As the Minister assessed, the IT sector has been a good source of revenue collection, but the production of human resources at a sufficient level has not been possible as it is yet to fall under the top priority of the State.

“Prolonged political instability in the past prevented us from clearly identifying our areas of priorities and as a result, we are required to hire IT personnel from outside the country,” the Minister said.

Highlighting the need to increase the use of IT in the delivery of basic services to the people, the Minister said the use of IT had its greater role in maintaining transparency in the public service delivery system.

The Minister utilised the forum to assure that a boarder approach would be implemented to make Nepal’s IT sector more competitive and the priority would be attached to issues of drafting required laws.


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