10 pc medicine available in market unfit for consumption: DDA

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Health Minister Padam Giri has directed the Department of Drug Administration to pay attention on quality control of drugs. In the monitoring and briefing program on Tuesday, he emphasized on the inspection and regulation of pharmacies all over the country rather than being limited in a few locations.

Minister Giri said, 'We have learnt about the availability of low-quality medicines in the market. You only sampled certain places.’ He said that recently seven percent of substandard medicines were found, if you broaden your reach, the number of low-quality products may increase. ‘In this regard, we should not play with the health of the citizens under the pretext of insufficient manpower or other.’

Currently, almost 10 percent of medicines in the market are of poor quality, but the lack of manpower is a problem in effective monitoring, the department said. Bharat Bhattarai, Director of the Department, informed that 9.14 percent of the drugs were found to be unfit for consumption in the drug sample test conducted by the department in the last financial year. Since the establishment of the department there has been a problem in the performance due to the lack of manpower, said Bhattarai. Then there were only three to four industries and about 400 drug stores in the country, now there are 83 industries and more than 25,000 stores, according to Bhattarai.

More than 18,000 brands of drugs are being sold within the country.

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