532 students commit suicide in 2022

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Himalaya Times
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As many as 532 students in Bangladesh's educational institutions committed suicide last year, according to a survey by the local welfare organization Aachol Foundation.

At a virtual press conference on Friday, Farzana Akhter Labani, on behalf of the organisation, disclosed the findings of the survey which was conducted based on suicide reports published by 150 national and local newspapers in Bangladesh. According to the survey, suicide rates were high among school students. And among those who committed suicide, 340 were school students.

The number of college students who killed themselves stood at 106 while 54 were Islamic school students, the voluntary organization said in its survey report. In 2022, 86 students from different universities killed themselves, it added.

Labani, team leader of the research and analysis unit at the Aachol Foundation, said Bangladesh's capital region has the highest cases of school and college students committing suicide, accounting for 23.77 percent of the total cases among eight divisions.

"Emotional conflicts" have been attributed as the highest number of suicide cases in the report.

Against this backdrop, the Bangladeshi government has reportedly taken adequate measures, including the drafting of the National Mental Health Act and online training for teachers. In order to improve the mental health of students, the Bangladeshi government has also planned to hire a psychologist in every school in each district.


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