KMC removes thousands of hoarding boards in three months

Himalaya Times
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The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has removed 9,000 hoarding boards in three months.

The objects were placed violating the rules. The local government has mobilised a four-member team who visit the city each day, assess the hoarding boards installed in violation of the rules and remove them. The campaign aims to maintain the beauty of the metropolis.

The local government on September 23 last year fixed the standards for the hoarding board placements and charge for them. Issuing a 30-day public notice, it urged bodies concerned to follow the standards. As per the Economic Act-2079 BS, the Metropolis annually charges Rs 500 for a hoarding board up to six square feet, Rs 1,500 for up to 15 square feet and Rs 1,000 per foot for a hoarding board from 15-30 square feet.

The local government collects revenue under 36 headings including property tax, house rent tax, enterprise tax, advertisement tax and entertainment tax. The metropolis in the current fiscal year has set a target of collecting the revenue of Rs 550 million and till mid-January, the collection was calculated at Rs 314.02 million.

It is said the collection of entertainment tax which was challenging for a long has been possible lately due to the frequent efforts of the local government.


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