Congress still optimistic about obtaining the President, even after the loss

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With the change of power dynamics, the candidates of Nepali Congress have lost both House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker positions.

The sudden shift in national politics on 10th December made Congress powerless and its presence from federal to the provincial government has become zero.

The Congress who gave a vote of confidence to Prachanda, had nominated candidates for House Speaker and Deputy Speaker. However, both the candidates were defeated by the candidates of the ruling coalition. Meanwhile, the Congress has maintained its claim on the presidency, hoping to achieve it with the support of Maoists.

According to leader Chandra Bhandari, Congress is trying to break the ruling coalition up until the presidential election.

The Congress who was eyeing on the President with the support of Maoist centre, had to face defeat in the election of House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker.

In the election held today, MP Indira Rana Magar from National Independent Party was elected as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. On January 5, with the support of the ruling parties, UML MP Devraj Ghimire was elected as House Speaker.

In the meeting of the HoR held on Saturday, Rana Magar, who was the candidate from the ruling alliance, was elected as the Deputy Speaker of the HoR. 166 votes were received in favor of Rana Magar, while Mukta Kumari Yadav received 97 votes.

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