Karnali govt allocates budget for Dalit upliftment

Himalaya Times
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The Karnali Province Government has allocated a huge amount of budget targeting the activities for upliftment of Dalit community compared to the previous fiscal years.

For the current fiscal year, Rs 50 million has been allocated but the amount is not spent so far.
A total of Rs 50 million is allocated for the Dalit class industry development programme under the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment to run programmes in all 10 districts of the province.

Rs 8.8 million is for Surkhet, Rs 7.7 million for Dailekh, Rs 7.2 million for Humla, Rs 3.9 million for Salyan and Rs 4 million each to Rukum Paschim and Jajarkot districts, are allocated under the programme.

According to Rawat, Jumla, Mugu, Dola and Kalikot have received equal Rs 3.5 million each.

The Karnali Province Government has unveiled the Procedures for Chief Minister Dalit Income Generation Promotion Programme, 2077 BS. This aims to enhance the living standards, economic wellbeing, social dignity and respect of Dalit community members through the promotion of their knowledge, skills and capacity.


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