Campaign initiated to search public land alongside Rivers

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The Kathmandu Valley Development Academy has initiated a campaign to search public land alongside the Rudramati River.

Acting on a tip-off about growing encroachment of public land along the Rudramati River bank, the Academy came up with the campaign.

Administrative Officer of the Academy Subhash Chandra Aryal told RSS that a report was being prepared after mapping and surveying the encroached public land along the Rudramati River side based on the study about complaints registered.

He said the report with a mapping of the land encroached upon on both the sides of the Rudramati River from Budhanilakantha to Buddhanagar would be finalized within two months.

After the finalization of the report, efforts would be put to bring the intruded land for public consumption. The Academy has been effortful for preserving the public land and also complying with the standards for the same.

The Academy has also informed that it has started campaign to search the public land alongside the banks of the Balkhukhola river. It has also come up with the efforts to preserve the public space alongside the rivers in the Kathmandu Valley.

As informed, parks would be constructed in the preserved land for disaster management.


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