Preparations for the presidential election have begun

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The Election Commission has started preparation for the election of the President and Vice-President.

EC's Assistant Spokesperson Surya Prasad Aryal said internal discussion has been started as the date for the election to the post of the President should be determined in order to hold the elections at least one month before the termination of the post as per the President and Vice-President Election Related Act-2074 BS.

There is a provision that the EC should determine the election date and inform the government. The EC is making preparation to hold the election to the post of the President within February 11, 2023, as the term of the incumbent President is terminating on March 13, 2023.

Article 63 of the Constitution of Nepal has determined the five-year term for the President and Vice-President from their election to the posts. The election to these posts would be conducted on different dates as there should be a representation of different genders and communities to the post of President and Vice-President.

A total of 334 members of the federal parliament and 550 members of the provincial assembly would be the voters in these elections. As per the current population of the country, the weightage of each member of the federal parliament would be 79 and 48 of a member of the provincial assembly.


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