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Himalaya Times National Daily, came into the world of Nepali press, 27 years ago. After going through countless ups and downs, Himalaya Times National Daily is stepping into its 28th year today. The bittersweet journey of the past lays the foundation for the journey ahead. No matter how many obstacles we faced or will face in our journey ahead, the courage, hard work and patience to reach the next level will still remain the same. Hence, we are much more confident now than ever about our future.

Even though the Nepali press has survived to today’s eminence after huge struggles, hurdles are to remain in future too. Currently, there are two major challenges for print media. The market for print media has drastically reduced over time. In the past, inconvenience of transportation played a role in distribution, but today less number of people prefer print media, despite better distribution. As sales are rapidly declining, it is pointless to delve into advertising.

Electronic medium has been able to grasp reader’s attention. Not only for Nepali print media, but all information and communication media are under the control of information technology. Paper is gradually getting out of practice. Everyone is attached to their smart phones. At such a time, it is a very daunting task to run a complete print media with integrity.

The press being responsible to the society, respects the laws and regulations made by the government and distributes information. However, it is difficult for the press to be fair and independent under laws of the state and discipline of society. Press only provides news, ideas and information by getting closer to the truth. Press constantly alerts the society. We can also take pride in being able to do so.

As we completed the 27th year and entered the 28th, we formed the base idea of old problems, new government. This year, a new government will be formed at all three levels under the system of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Local government is the most important among them. The role of the provincial government has not been so important and effective so far. But the federal government has more to do than the rest. As a result of many political struggles, the best political system of this era is the federal democratic system. There is a constant dispute between two tiered and three tiered system of government. Based on the economic and social conditions of Nepal and the political mindset, public favor the two tiered system. But, as the practice of three tiered government has already started, we have to wait and watch.

Economic deprivation, unemployment, underdevelopment, intellectual migration, corruption, chronic diseases are the major problems of Nepal, as well as untouchability, dowry system, chaupadi system are deeply rooted in our society. People are surviving without access to clean drinking water, medicine and good education. The issue of transitional justice is spreading. Also, Nepal is also experiencing the shadow of tension, war, unrest and power struggles seen worldwide. Experts have analyzed that the economic situation now is dire. Unorganized and unplanned rural roads, urbanization, erosion in agriculture are among many other problems. In this scenario, Himalaya Times is trying to focus on age old problems continuing onto the new government.

There are many old problems passed onto the state and society. We have tried to present the opinions of various scholars on those problems in a symbolic manner. We hope that the people responsible for policy making as well as from society will deal with the old problems of the new government.

We are grateful to all the writers who helped us with their valuable ideas in this effort. We look forward to receive your invaluable support in coming days as well. On this auspicious occasion today, we express our gratitude to all colleagues, readers, customers, well-wishers and advertisers on behalf of the editorial team. Also we express our belief that their faithfulness will continue to facilitate the journey ahead.

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