Frightening picture of corruption

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Once again, Transparency International has put forward the alarming state of corruption in Nepal. This situation is similar to previous years. Despite improving, the situation has worsened. In Nepal, politics and corruption are moving together as complementary to each other. It seems as if corruption is considered as a matter of pride, because those who are involved in corruption cases does not feel humiliated. Some leaders have been to jail in charges of corruption, but they do not show any sense of inferiority. A saying popular in Nepali politics goes on like, those who once were in slippers are now the owners of various luxuries. Some of them has returned to politics but could not carve their way up due to varied reasons.

Did you join politics to be broke? This saying also got it's place among political leaders, who tried to justify their act of corruption. Corruption is widespread in Nepali politics, if any leaders are immune to corruption, they are only exceptions. Politicians in Nepal are often involved in corruption of one form or another. A simple and generous person is unfit for politics. Sacrifice and honesty found a place in politicians for a few years after the establishment of democracy. Gradually, these qualities of politician were displaced by money, don instincts and relations with leaders.

The idea of going to the election today without spending huge sum of money has vanished and the possibility of winning has also thinned out. There is no honesty now in politics, which is created by leaders themselves. The focus of leaders has shifted from country’s development to earning more commissions. They discuss commissions in Lakh, crores, billions and trillions. The records of bargaining were also made public. However, now we see attempts trying to prove such things as parliamentary in nature.

Since long, we have been hearing about our leader’s investment in multiple companies and about money deposited in Swiss banks. We are forced to state this as not only corruption, but grand corruption as leaders are looting the tax money paid by the poor people of poor countries. It is a very sad situation that we are facing now. The election has just completed. We cannot be sure that money has not been invested in this election. We have heard some leaders discussing about the fund that goes into the election. First of all, it is essential to spend a large amount of money to get a ticket and win an election.

This situation has gradually increased to its current state and it is undeniable that if it continues to receive such support it will increase even more. It is the same scenario in civil sector, as well as many other sectors. Since politicians spend money get their post, they focus on earning back every penny with interest. Then issues like development and better services will be overshadowed. Strict laws and enforcement of those laws can only control corruption. As of now, no possible solution to the problem is available.

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