Sweeping change needed in education sector: Vice President Pun

Himalaya Times
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Kawasoti, Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has pointed out the need for sweeping change in country's education sector.

Vice President Pun who arrived here to attend the golden jubilee celebration of the Devchuli Secondary School in Nawalparasi Purba here Friday, Vice President Pun argued the current education system is discriminatory. So, it must be ensured drastic reform, he added.

Pun further viewed the society has been polarized with present education system. It would not result well in future. It is right time to launch intervention in education sector so that it could make education scientific, professional, technical, and job-oriented. Education needs to produce competent and moral human resources, he underscored.

He expressed worry over growing commercialization of education. The State could increase investment in education as a measure to control private sector's investment in it. (RSS)

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