Cold-related health complications on rise with dipping temperature   

Himalaya Times
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- Siddharthanagar
Rupandehi has increasingly seen thick smog in the morning of late. Temperature here has invariably gone down with haze and smog. The chilly environment has troubled the general public in carrying out their day-to-day works.

Doctors said number of patients having common cold and respiratory complications had been on the rise since last week.

Daily over a dozen of patients with common cold related complications were visiting the Bhairahawa-based Bhim Hospital for treatment.

Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr Shakuntala Gupta said inflow of patients having pulmonary complications and common cold was on the rise with the fall in temperature.

Dr Gupta urged the general public to remain cautious to protect from rising cold.

The District Health Office, Rupandehi also asked the elderly people and children to wear winter clothes and consume warm food to shield cold with temperature going down.

Score of patients admitted for the treatment of asthma, fever and cough was increasing in the hospital due to chilling effects of the winter season, shared Public Relations officer at Bhairahawa-based Universal College of Medical College, Tej KC.

Number of patients with cold-triggered complications was increasing in Nawalparasi, Kapilvastu, Dang, Banke and Bardiya of Lumbini Province.

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