35 days to form government

Government to form before parliament sitting, as preset precedent

Himalaya Times
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-Yagya Raj Pandey

Election Commission presented the report containing the results of HoR members elections to the President, which has opened door to the process of government formation.

As the final results of the election are announced, the door to form a government and to summon parliamentary convention has opened. Article 76 (8) from constitution states “Procedures on the appointment of the Prime Minister under this Article must be completed no later than thirty five days after the date of declaration of the final results of election to the House of Representatives held under this Constitution or the date on which the office of the Prime Minister has fallen vacant.”

According to this arrangement President can evocate the government formation.

Press expert to President, Tika Dhakal, says “ It is President’s  constitutional duty to facilitate the process.” He further adds, “President is ready to form government with the possible mandate.”

According to Article 93, The President shall summon a session of the Federal Parliament within thirty days of the declaration of final

results of the election to the House of Representatives. As EC submitted it’s report on Dec 14, it is mandatory to announce the Parliamentary session before Jan 11.

“President will conduct official/unofficial discussions with elected parties and mediate in government formation.” says Dhakal.

As no political party has received majority, formation of government according to Article 76 (1) is not possible.

Two or more parties can come together to form government. President is preparing for discussions with different parties. Today’s priority is to form a government according to fresh mandate. President will carry forward this issue with the suggestions from elected parties. Government formation is on top priority for President, according to Dhakal.

Swearing in, is not mandatory for HoR members to be part of the government. Previous government has also set precedent of forming government former to summoning convention of HoR. Many countries which practise constitutional system of government exercise this process. So, Dhakal hints towards government formation being on top priority as of now.

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