Weather To Improve Gradually, Says Meteorological Forecasting Division

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Sporadic rainfall is likely at some places and weather shall remain cloudy at different places in the country today as well due to a partial impact of the westerly low pressure system (also known as western disturbance) in the weather, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

According to the Division, the weather is cloudy in the country's hilly region including in the Koshi Province at present and the weather is expected to remain clear from Saturday.

The weather in the Kathmandu Valley is clear from early morning today after the slight rain occurred on Thursday evening.

The Division has forecasted that the weather shall remain partly to generally cloudy in the hilly areas of Koshi and Gandaki provinces; partly cloudy in the hilly regions of Bagmati, Karnali and Sudur Pashchim provinces and mainly fair in the rest of the country. "Light rain is possible at one or two places of hilly regions of Koshi and Gandaki provinces," according to the Division.

Likewise, chances of light snowfall at a few places of the high hilly and mountainous regions are predicted today.

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