Inflation Hits 8.19 Percent: NRB

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The inflation based on Consumer Price Index on the year-on-year basis has reached 8.19 percent until September 17, states the Current Macroeconomic and Financial Situation Report unveiled by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

The government has aimed to contain the inflation within the limit of 6.5 percent in the current fiscal year. As per the NRB data until September 17, the inflation in the price of spices is 45.46 percent. Similarly, the inflation of sugar and sugar-based goods has increased by 17.86 percent, of vegetables by 14.51 percent, of food and foodstuffs by 13.38 percent and of dairy products and egg by 12.60 percent.

The y-o-y price index of ghee & oil sub-category decreased 13.08 percent in the review period. Under the non-food and services category, y-o-y price index of recreation & culture sub-category increased 15.55 percent, of miscellaneous goods and services sub-category 12.21 percent, of education 9.10 percent, housing & utilities 8.11 percent and furnishing & household equipment 6.59 percent while y-o-y price index of transportation sub-category decreased 0.18 percent.

In the review period, y-o-y consumer price inflation in the Kathmandu Valley, Terai, Hill and Mountain region is 9.83 percent, 7.03 percent, 8.09 percent and 11.32 percent respectively.

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