Leader Chandra Bhandari’s mother, injured in cylinder explosion, dies

Himalaya Times
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Harikala Bhandari, mother of Nepali Congress leader Dr Chandra Kanta Bhandari, who was injured in a cooking gas cylinder explosion, has died.

She died today at 10:57 am at Kirtipur-based  Hospital at the age of 86, said the medical director Dr Nijina Tamrakar of the hospital.

Harikala and Dr Chandra Kanta were injured when a cooking gas cylinder exploded in their house in Kathmandu on Wednesday night. Both of them were treated at the hospital. However, the hospital referred Dr Chandra Kanta outside the country for further treatment, said the family source.

Over 70 percent of body parts of Harikala were burnt in the incident, according to doctors.


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