Shortage of medicines in Jajarkot health posts

Himalaya Times
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People visiting the health posts in the district have complained of not getting medicine. Although the physicians prescribe drugs and ask the patients to buy them from the dispensary, the service seekers have to return empty-handed.

The service-seekers have been berating that they are not getting the medicines at the pharmacies since the last one month. The pharmacists have accepted the shortage of medicines.

Tali Kami, a resident of Bheri Municipality-1 said that she had to buy medicines from a private drug store as she could not get it from the health post dispensary. She complained that she could not get medicine for gastriritis.

Chandra Bahadur Budha of Bheri Municipality-3 also complained of not getting medicines at the health post dispensary.

Patients from remote villages outside the district headquarters are facing difficulty not getting medicines at the health post dispensaries.


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