Christian community celebrates Christmas Day

Himalaya Times
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The Christian community here in Nepal is celebrating Christmas Day to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Jesus Christ is believed to have been born in Bethlehem, Israel some 2022 years ago today, on December 25.

President of the Nepal Christian Federation, CB Gahatraj, says that Jesus Christ gave three main things including salvation, love and peace, and the Christian community celebrates this day for all the three things. Today is celebrated as Love Day for those who came to love people, Peace Day for those who came to establish peace, and Liberation Day for those who came for liberation.

The Federation has been leading Christmas celebrations in Nepal since 2063 B.S.

On the occasion, the government also has announced a public holiday today.

The Federation is hosting a Christmas Festival 2079 event this afternoon where government representatives, human rights activists and the people at large will be present, Gahatraj said.

Thamel, Bouddha, Pokhara, Sauraha and other tourist destinations in the country see a large footfall of people today to celebrate Christmas festival.


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