No import of vaccine against COVID-19 with decreasing cases 

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With the decreasing cases of coronavirus infection in the country of late, the import of vaccine against coronavirus has stopped.

The vaccine has not been brought for the past three months as there is a stock of vaccine against coronavirus following the sharp decline in coronavirus infection, said Chief of Department of Health Services Supply Management Section, Dr Surendra Chaurasiya.

The coronavirus infection rate is now below one percent in the country. The country recorded no cases of coronavirus in course of conducting 846 tests on December 16.

Dr Chaurasiya shared, "The government had brought 1.499 million doses of vaccine against coronavirus under COVAX facility on September 12 for the last time. Provinces and districts have not demanded vaccine against coronavirus. So we have not brought the vaccine for now. But we will bring necessary vaccine for booster dose."

However, the government has made preparation to bring vaccine for booster dose. Chaurasiya said preparation has been made to bring vaccine for additional dose for those who have already administered first and second dose.

One million doses of vaccine were brought from India for the first time on January 21, 2021 to prevent and control coronavirus infection in the country. A total of 63.27 million of doses have been brought so far.

There is now a stock of 4.921 million doses of vaccine in the country. Of the total targeted population, 99.5 per cent population has received first dose of vaccine and 95.7 per cent population full dose of vaccine.

Similarly, of the total population, 79.5 per cent population has received first dose while 76.5 per cent population got full dose.

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