Supreme Court grants cricketer Lamichhane permission to travel abroad

Himalaya Times
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The Supreme Court has granted permission to cricketer Sandip Lamichhane to travel abroad for playing cricket.

A division bench of Justices Sapana Malla Pradhan and Kumar Chudal here today issued the order that cricket Lamichhane is allowed to travel abroad to play cricket, stating that he was a national and international sportsperson.

Bimal Poudel, Spokesperson of the Supreme Court, shared, "The court ordered that the concerned authorities send a written request to allow Lamichhane to go abroad. The order also reads that Lamichhane could not be barred from travelling abroad since he is an international sportsperson."

Meanwhile, the High Court in Patan on January 12 had ordered release of defendant Lamichhane, accused of raping a minor, on bail amount of Rs 2 million after the Court deemed that there was no need to keep the accused in remand for further investigation.

Lamichhane was, however, prevented from travelling abroad.

With the highest court's order today, door has opened for Lamichhane to travel abroad to play cricket internationally.

The Supreme Court issued the order today after hearing the review petition filed by the Office of the Attorney General against Lamichhane following the order of the High Court.


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